If, for any reason, you want to be removed from the Neon Mailing 
list (or Digest) you will have to use the above commands. Failure 
to do so will mean that I have to manually unsubscribe your from 
the list,  which may take up to a week, you have been warned!

Please take time to READ the NEON FAQ at:
It will answer a lot of common questions that people have. It also 
saves the list from having to re-hash old old old old topics!

Bounced or returned mail:
 My policiy is simple. If I get a flood of bounced messages back 
 from your site I will remove you from the mailing list. I dont 
 like to get 30-70 bounced messages every time I log in. Any of 
 the mailing list messages you missed can be gotten  from: 
 Digest users: if I recieve more than 1 bounced digest I will 
 remove you as well.

Neon Mailing list POLICY:
(This poilicy is designed to keep the Neon Mailing list as 
UNCLUTTERED as possiable. I realize that from time to time we 
will deviate from the ORIGINAL topic (NEONs) but it is up to the 
sender(s) of the messages to be aware when their posts go off topic.)

        1. Do not post off topic stuff to the list, UNLESS you get my
        approval first. If a subject starts to drift away from Neon 
        content, take it to EMAIL with the other parties involved.
        NOTE: Sometimes Off-topic talk is needed. I reserve the right
              to approve an off-topic post if I think that it is in 
              the general intrest of the Neon mailing list.

        2. Be courteous to others when posting. No Flames. We get lots
        of new people to the list every week and I am sure that we chase
        a few off because of the language that some members use. No
        Swearing, if you must atleast use an '*' in place of SOME of the

        3. Be courteous to others when REPLYING to mail from the list.
        We will always have to rehash certain topics, its a fact that
        WE, as a list, will have to do. 

        4. READ YOUR POST BEFORE SENDING IT. IF it sounds like a flame
           DONT send it. I am at the point now where I will start 
           removing people from the list.

        5. EDIT your POSTS!!!! if you reply to a message EDIT out the
           text that you are NOT directly responding to. THIS saves people
           TIME and MONEY. 

Suggestions for New Neon list memebers:

1. 'Lurk' for a while. Meaning, read messages for a few days until 
    you get the hang of how to post to the Mailing list. 

2. PLEASE! PLEASE! when you reply to a message be sure to cut out some 
   of the quoted text. Make your message as small as possiable. DO NOT 
   QUOTE THE ENTIRE MESSAGE, unless its is absolutely needed. 

3. To post a message to the Mailing list, send mail to [email protected]
   DO NOT SEND MAIL TO [email protected] !!! 

4. If you have a problem please send mail to me [email protected] or
   [email protected] (DO NOT SEND MAIL TO [email protected] !!!)

5. Majordomo, the Listserver we use for the Neon Mailing list, is
   some what picky about the words you use in your posts. Here are 
   a few words that I know for sure will Bounce mail to me: help, 
   subscribe, unsubscribe. If you need to use one of thoes words put 
   it in quotes or use a slash or backslash before the word. I wont 
   get made if you dont do it, just makes more of a headache for me!

6. Please feel free to send out a post telling us WHO you are and where 
   you live (if you want!). Most IMPORTANT, what kind of Neon you own! :)

7. The Neon mailing list rejects any mail sent in HTML format, and it
   also will not accept (distrubute) any mail with attachments (ie:
   vcard's, html, pictures, word docs etc... Most mail readers will
   allow you to set them to send in Plain ASCII text (do not send
   in both HTML and ASCII as they will not be accepted.

Other Neon resourced on the Internet:

Neon Web page/Mailing list page:


Neon Mailing list Digest Repository:, your site for all the Neon information:

Neon FAQ:

Neon Chat site: port 6740


How to subscribe and unsubscribe from the Neon Maling list:

To SUBSCRIBE to the Neon Mailing list:

        Send mail to [email protected]

        In the BODY of the message put 'subscribe'. 
        DO NOT PUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN 'subscribe'.

To UN-SUBSCRIBE from the Neon Mailing list:

        Send mail to [email protected]

        In the BODY of the message put 'unsubscribe'.
        DO NOT PUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN 'unsubscribe'.

To SUBSCRIBE to the Neon-Digest:

        Send mail to [email protected]

        In the BODY of the message put 'subscribe'.
        DO NOT PUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN 'subscribe'.

To UNSUBSCRIBE from the Neon-Digest:

        Send mail to [email protected]

        In the BODY of the message put 'unsubscribe'.
        DO NOT PUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN 'unsubscribe'.